The Detox Experiment

The lab with materials!

Cutie and I last week watched a movie titled Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross and decided to try the reboot/detoxing experiment. Instead of 30 or 60 days, we are trying it for 2 weeks. The reasons are as follows:

1) Neither of us are morbidly obese. And we exercise twice a week by going on a run.

2) I want to see if this “detox” solution of constant consumption of fruits and vegetables in a concentrated juice will work for me in helping my emotional/mental state. I DO NOT want to take any medication unless it is a last resort.

3) I want to see if this juicing can be added as part of a healthy diet for the long-term (1 juice as a meal substitute instead of drinking juice for all meals).

4) Vanity is the last reason on this list. Regardless of the weight I may loose, I will not be showing skin any time soon due to the weather.

After 24 hours of consuming fruits and vegetables in juice form, these are the things I have discovered from this experiment:

– The physical symptoms of being deprived from actual eating physical food of ANY kind WILL MAKE YOU MISERABLE.

I have to deal with THIS every day….

Not eating any solid food while you are not sick is pure misery. Whether you are at work or at school you WILL be tempted at least every hour of the day. You will be surrounded by people with different breakfast/break/lunch hours that will bring different kinds of foods to their desks/tables/benches and will consume them in front of you while working/studying/gossiping, etc. The sad part is there is no polite way to tell people not to eat in front of you. You might have better chances telling them to stop smoking in front of you.

Your body will HATE you in ways that will confuse you

You will also visit the Porcelain God more often

In the previously mentioned film, the people that were “detoxing” felt the following symptoms: headaches, dizziness, irritability, etc. After a walk with Cutie to the local grocery store, BOTH of us felt tired and our legs were as sore as if we just ran. Cutie would be well-satiated for a few hours and then feel hunger again while I would feel full with organic Pepto-Bismol than with solid food. Our short-term memories were also affected a bit. I hate to admit I was having trouble finishing a complete sentence. Let’s not forget how a pain in the ass your bowels will be as they will tremble inside you in protest.

You WILL loose weight regardless of how much juice you drink

I need a belt…

We lost about 4 pounds since we started.  We estimate we can each loose about 1.8 pounds a day if we are consistent and avoid temptation. I drink more than Cutie because it takes more juice for me to feel like I am not starving.  And I STILL lost weight.

-Your view of food WILL change after you survive this.

Yeah but I can bite back!

This is an inevitable side effect from changing the way how you consume food. All of a sudden, you start to see those TV dinners you love to indulge as a nuisance. If you are OCD enough, you may start calculating how much time/money it would take to detox/work out to get rid of the extra weight from your body.  Which brings me to my last discovery…

Fruits and Vegetables are EXPENSIVE

The financially well to-do CAN afford this!

Fresh or not they are expensive. It takes ALOT of spinach, kale, etc to make a glass full of juice. If you need to make something that will satiate you, you WILL need more than the basic 2 veggie or fruit combination. For 2 people, it would cost easily over $110 a week even with discounted frozen veggies. We chose the cheapest fruit to start with (apples by the bag) and use the cheapest in-season veggies (celery and carrots) and it was more expensive than our budgeted $50-$60 for groceries.  It is a lot cheaper to make a veggie stir fry that will feed 2 people (about $5 total) than 2 glasses of juice ($10 for juice that has 4 vegetables).

In spite of these discoveries I will continue to tough it out as best as I can to the best of my abilities. I am 100% certain that I prefer to do this than taking medication or having a surgery to get healthy or healthier.


Where the smart people are


So… Cutie & I decided to visit the local chess club at this expensive coffee shop. We have been playing a lot of games & Cutie wants to play other players ( doesn’t count).

The club was an uneven ratio of socially-awkward but brilliant teens & a few retirees giving lessons. I played two games and called it a day. Between games, the loud talking from an academic advisor to two med school wannabes kept distracting me from time to time. Everytime he spoke about the option about becoming a military

doctor, he would present his negative opinion about it before praising it. It made me want to jump out of the bench and mouth him off. I have met great doctors who have served & continue to be great civilian doctors. So that pansy just might as well stunted the growth of those kids.

So with the classical music playing overhead, I could see why such a place would be good place to play ( lots of free refills) . But I can do without the academic
anti-military pansies popping up. I guess they needed a break from their first-world problems.

Still trying to make the connection between over eating and being thankful

I can’t make that connection from an historical perspective. Yes it is true that if it weren’t for the Native Americans helping the first (or second) settlers survive famine and disease, the United States would not exist. And that is something to be thankful for as an American. But as time progressed, it was less about being thankful and more about overeating and commercialism.

I am SO thankful! I need MORE!


I guess food is the best way to get people to come together for an opportunity to over-indulge and get on each others nerves (and to remember that day).  Has anyone EVER sat down before eating the huge meal and actually asked everyone to be thankful about  Native Americans teaching the English settlers how to survive?

Maybe it points out to how short the human memory is and would only allow to be thankful for the present events/circumstances that each person is grateful for.
But…overindulging on turkey actually makes a person less sharper and more dormant. By the time the third plate is clean, every person in the room can barely remember their own names.

So the true meaning behind this day would be to over-indulge and forget for one day that life sucks most of the time.

Yeah..thanks to that turkey high.

My first accident

You know you have mental problems when you are in a state of mental shock after a minor traffic accident and you are written as the one at fault. That is what happened to me. No matter how careful I was, somehow an accident occurred between my vehicle and another person’s.

The “victim” was in a sour mode (understandable) but I was in the verge of collapsing on my steering wheel. I was able to keep as cool as possible until an officer asked me to sign a ticket for a citation on reckless driving. That was when I lost composure and denied to sign anything because I had no legal counsel. All of that pent-up stress, sadness and shame just overflowed and I couldn’t keep my cool any longer.

I prided myself in being a safe driver, being extra cautious in spite of Cutie’s objections on my timid driving. With this accident, it shattered that pride because I now have to appear in court to defend why I refused to sign a ticket and to have a chance for the court to hear my side of the story.

This, without a doubt, points out to the obvious that A) I have mental problems and B) I have to be tougher and ready to defend myself against pissed off people. At the moment I am exhausted from going to the gym + the adrenaline rush from the accident. This whole thing has given a new perspective and new respect to Cutie’s prior combat experience that has made him an expert on handling stressful, sudden situations. It has also revealed how fragile my state of mind is, going through twists through something so minor that I hear people bitch about at work (“damnit I have a court date!”).

Those fantasies of being a simple housewife are going to appear more often from now on.

Logic at the park

There needs to be more peaceful activities like the one I took today with Cutie.

The combination of the wild colors of red, orange, brown and yellow within the right temperature is a recipe for peace of the mind and soul.

But add that with a quiet game of chess and it becomes more enlightening, almost like studying without the stress or being inside cramped spaces:



This would be a suitable, low-cost way of fighting stress, sadness, etc that doesn’t involve going outdoors for just a smoke break. Even if a person were to not exercise in the outdoors, just stepping outdoors in this type of beauty would help balance everything that involves the mind and heart. But for a lot of reasons, in a backward twist of things, the majority of jobs are in urban areas with little ventilation or no windows whatsoever.

Oh well…a lot of people can’t choose where to work, but can choose where to go when not at work.




Misanthropic Day

A bad day at work can turn anyone into understanding the fabric of what drives a mass-murderer to commit the atrocious crimes. A person who goes through extreme amounts of stress combined with other emotions can be driven to the edge. It is this along with so many frustrations, disappointments, etc that would give a good excuse to put a straight jacket on the first person who yells or displays anger in the workplace.

The elephant in the room is clear but does not, cannot be discussed: the x,y or z job is VERY stressful and by making it stressful, it makes other jobs VERY stressful as well. Its like that STD that spreads around but nobody wants to treat it or admit to having it because it would be considered embarrassing to do so.

Sure there are some release valves (smoking, drinking, time outs, etc) but what is the point of those things if you are to return to the SAME place and deal with the SAME people and SAME circumstances without any resolution or change?

So it becomes test of time and nerves before something or someone gives and snaps, then blames it on the person because he/she couldn’t cope or could not successfully just quit/transfer somewhere else.

The sad reality is that A) you can’t go somewhere else if hiring managers don’t want you and B) until you find another job, you can’t just quit and start another stressful downward spiral without a plan to survive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If human beings were treated more like human beings (and not organic machines), it would help everyone around you into being less jerks/drama queens/narcissists to the rest of the working population. But the sad reality is that work has become a delaying game of time until a human being’s job becomes a task for a machine. And so it continues, until option C comes up. Who knows what C will be…