One way to avoid compulsive online shopping

After a 10 hour shift, I come home and Cutie already has a drink and dinner waiting for me (LOVE HIM!!). The drink was a perfect one to unwind with: brandy with champagne. After an hour or so, I got the impulse to do some online shopping with my credit card. That is when I had to pull myself together, go to my dresser drawer and take a good look at what happened the last time I overspent while drinking.

Booze + Money= Instant Wallet Drain!

I remember the first time it happened: I was visiting my first motorcycle festival with my friends and we were having a blast walking from tent to tent, ogling different types of merchandise. We stopped at a tent that sold shirts of all kinds. A small tight black shirt with hearts and wings caught my eye. I walked out of that tent $47 poorer and clueless about what had happened. The next morning I had buyer’s regret: I lost the receipt and I didn’t remember which tent I bought the shirt from.

But I remember eating this!

Unfortunately I can only wear that shirt on occasion so that it can last longer without wearing out.

With this reminder, I closed the Amazon website and sobered up to the fact that if I gave in to my alcohol-induced implusion, I would have to work more hours to pay my credit card bill next month.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, try your best to remember the last time you’ve overspent when you don’t want to. If you have to, staple your reminder (a picture, the item itself) on the wall close to your computer:


Why we fight for the things we hate

On Saturday I went out to dinner with a friend of mine. In the middle of our conversation on work issues, she confessed that she HATES her job. I asked her why she felt this way since she had to fight to achieve full-time status with benefits for that same job. She explained that it is because she had to fight so long for it (almost 2 years) and deal with a lot of HR stone-walling to do so.  Everyday, according to her, was a fight to keep what little she had even though she hated it.

It was then that I understood her dilemma.

stress management at work

Until the day arrives when instant wealth falls upon her or I, we are both WAGE SLAVES.

You are probably familiar with this. Or know/live with someone who is one.

A wage slave shows/has the following traits:

1-Likes to earn money but hates the job.  When an alternative option is brought to solve that problem, the person presents the right excuse to not change the situation.

2-Complains about hating the job, even though the job sounds/looks impressive on paper to a third party.

3- The person complains about being forced to work part time because the job does not offer enough hours/pay and then due to a short attention span, goes out and spends money on an expensive want.

4- The person’s family situation forces him or her to work hard while getting screwed over by lack of flex time/benefits, etc.

5- You or someone you know does not get exited/happy when pay day comes.

6-Refuses to take time off when sick or when vacation is coming up because of the invisible need to show loyalty even though you hate your job.

But isn’t this what women want? To be able to be WAGE SLAVES like men?

It depends on the woman.

I have a friend who has never been happier after having her kid quit the workforce altogether. I also know a few women who want to find a man who will support them in 5 or 10 years time because they are feeling burned out by the ultra-competitive workforce. And there are some women who already live in that same situation but are bored/going nuts because they have nothing else to do.

I understand why my friend fights for the things she hates because it’s important to have the illusion of independence instead of relying on another person for daily survival. And that independence does give her a choice to decide what to buy or where to go instead of asking a parent/husband before hand. I call it an illusion because everyone needs to depends on someone in case things go wrong… or to share the triumphs/benefits from being a wage slave (a.k.a. money!).

I want to someday stop being a wage slave. So does everyone out there who has to work.

Are you a wage slave? And how would you deal with the benefits/downsides of the role?

Why numbers matter

I don’t know about you, but it is an awful shame that a lot of the people in the United States aren’t that good at math when the reality is that numbers DO matter A LOT.


Especially when it comes to dollars and cents. Seriously, who would have thought that numerical digits separated by a decimal (or a coma, depending on the currency), would make or break a decision (or several decisions)?

Apart from the complexities of figuring out percentages, simple things like whether the average person working a minimum wage job can afford meat for dinner can be daunting when there is the conflict of wants -vs-needs.  The math itself is NOT daunting: its the emotions and the person’s state of mind before making that kind of decision that it daunting.

So, if the world is becoming more industrialized and complex due to advances in technology, science and business then shouldn’t learning basic math be as important as learning how to read?

Yes it is a difficult subject to tackle. But its worth tackling because it is a survival tool whether you are trying to build shelter, a weapon or ration out your food supply because you need to stretch every penny to make it through the end of the month.

Oddly enough, you don’t need to be good at math in order to succeed in this country. Or to have as requirement before being allowed to make decisions to handle other people’s money.

cartoon math

I want to work more on my math skills because I want to make the right decisions without the fuzziness of emotions and desires. Or at least to try to reach a harmonious balance between the two.

Is it time to slow down yet?

I am no stranger to the desire to want to be comfortable. Or to live comfortably. And comfort is divided into 3 categories for me:

1- convenience
2- value
3- safety

If I were to move & quit my job, I would definitely loose all 3 categories plus gain a “timer” counting how long I can survive with Cutie on our savings.

But maybe by looking at things at a different perspective, I could smash that timer like smashing an alarm clock and just take things one day at a time.  That would be the ideal way of looking at things. But, I would need to do some major reprogramming, DNA altering, etc. Nothing is impossible and the possibilities are endless when you are in full health and active.


Except that what can you do when you still feel like not slowing down? I guess I would need some motivation:

If I could get 24/7 access to the sand, sea and clear blue skies I would DEFINITELY slow down for a while. Nothing recharges the soul like feeling the sand between your toes as the sea sweeps back and forth like a gentle lullaby.



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