Super-sick, but super-proud

So spring has finally arrived (the evidence is the HUGE amount of pollen in the air). And since I was not fortunate enough to be exposed to ragweed at an early age, I find myself popping Benadryl pills like Skiddles Candies.

I skipped work today due to the pounding my chest took from walking outdoors. But while I was stuck indoors, I’ve manage to practice my chess tactics on a few games.

I lost badly, but I won one game in a good checkmate (playing as black):

1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Bc5 3.Nf3 Nc6 4.d4 d5 5.Be3 Nf6 6.Nc3 O-O 7.dxc5 Bg4 8.h3 d4 9.Nxd4 exd4 10.Bxd4 Nxd4 11.Qxd4 Qxd4 12.hxg4 Rad8 13.e5 Nxg4 14.f3 Qe3+ 15.Kf1 Qf2# 0-1

I am proud because there is hope that if I keep practicing, I may stave off Alzheimer’s disease that is affecting my grandmother. I really don’t want to be a burden to my family members when I get too old to handle my own affairs.  Maybe its a long shot because there isn’t a way to truly prevent it, but there is hope that modern medicine will find a way. In the mean time, I will keep playing.


Following my own advice

   Not too long ago, I spoke to one of my old female college friends regarding the topic of risk taking versus worrying about keeping up appearances in order to get what you want/need in life. Although the source of the conversation with her was about the dating scene, I gave her advice that not only applies to dating, but to life in general:

  Sometimes you need to act like a man in order to survive as a woman

   This is the dirty secret I learned while living and working in the best country in the world (in my opinion). I have seen how women act a lot like men in many ways:

-Not taking no for an answer.

-Being persistent at chasing opportunities 

-Taking risks and not caring about the consequences that much.

-Being selfish when it comes to getting the pay that you want.

I have seen MANY male coworkers joke around and barely get any work done, yet they get promoted. Not only do they do that, but their mannerisms are just arrogant:


     This is NOT Bilbo’s Riddle!

I could go on and on about how far the feminist movement has gone and what it lacks, but who wants to wait until the laws and westernized culture finally catch up to women’s needs?

To hell with that. I’d rather live in my own movement and just follow my own advice as much as I can (and save a crap load of money from not taking a Gender Studies course).

I am moving my ass far away from everything and starting over. Not in spite but with open eyes and with a bolder mind.

What do you think? Are you currently living in your own movement? Or starting one?



The beginining of change and the cracks from it

   So, after receiving good news and enjoying from the news, reality kicked in like a bad hangover from drinking half a gallon of vodka in hot, humid weather.

I look at my life in the present and see it that indeed it needs a big change:

A change in occupation- My job makes a selfish, empty shell out of me. I come home angry and drained, baffled at how anyone actually likes going through the same crap day in and day out for the next 20 years.

A change in attitude- Need to be braver than ever to try new things and to do the things I hate more often in order to accomplish the missions acquired.

A change in appearance- I am downright frumpy because of my frugal lifestyle. But now I can’t stand looking at myself in pictures because I now look downright abandoned.

Looking forward to sealing those cracks with super glue.