Unchained from corporate slavery


My current situation was summed up in this image:









After carefully analyzing my current situation (and weighing the pros and cons), I’ve decided to take a risk and  leave. I turned in my 2 weeks notice and  did not receive any resistance from my supervisor or upper management. No one asked me to not to leave. The question that kept popping up was for my reason for leaving was whether due to something they’ve done. (Like I am dumb enough to tell them how much I dislike their BS plans for the rest of us hard-working peons).  Before going to the HR office for the last time, I had both of my middle fingers ready for use in case I was going to be pelted with probing questions.

After turning in my badge, I was asked one question: Why are you leaving?

My answer : Other reasons.

I left it at that and so did HR.

During those last two weeks, not a single manager or supervisor made any efforts to try to retain me as an employee. In fact, they were very nice to me after knowing I was going to quit.


For my coworkers, a lot of them were sad and upset. They deserved my respect more than the nicest boss there.

My coworkers gave a damn about my  leaving. We were all in the same boat, trying to keep the ship from sinking while the high-ranking officers and the captain were enjoying fine-dinning and better sleeping quarters in the upper decks.

I felt sad for my coworkers because of their financial obligations in their lives, they can’t afford to just quit when things go to hell at work. A  lot of them take anti-anxiety medications while at their desks.

good mood








I am glad and lucky that I was able to leave a place that was not helping me develop professionally. The company was willing to help as long as I switched personalities and truly believed in its culture without question or reason.









When there is no loyalty shown, loyalty should not be expected.




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