The clock begins to race

A few days after I unchained myself from corporate slavery, I began to experience some side effects:

-More exposure to sunlight

-Becoming less sedentary by not working at my desk 8 hours a day. More yoga, walking and running.

-Less spikes in blood pressure: At work, my blood pressure would go from normal to near-hypertension in one afternoon. This is in spite of eating a healthy diet and maintaining a active lifestyle.

-More (than usual) awareness on how to spend money.

I struggle with this last one because my intention was to be a frugal as possible while learning new skills to help me join the work force again in the near future. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Cutie and I decided to take a trip (or two) before settling into our new life. But its not just “a trip”. It’s more like a trip abroad. A trip to a country where I do not know the language.

(PAUSE). Ok. I am now calm again.

Friends and family who have been informed of such plans were exited and envious of such an opportunity, but they only know the half of it.

I will be volunteering to help out in an archeological dig while Cutie expands his knowledge digging, labeling, etc.

So…this is why I am trying my best to learn some modern Greek before the trip to Greece. The progress is slow. Hell I wish I would have done this as a kid than as an adult.
But this will all be worth it (I hope) so that I can survive there and avoid a lot of embarrassing situations like accidentally going into the men’s bathroom or buying the wrong thing at a store.The accidental shopping situation is what I want to avoid at all costs since I am trying to save money while on this dig. (OK. I admit this is an oxymoron).

But I will do this while I still physically can (still walk, climb, run, etc) instead of waiting for retirement age with 10 conditions what would limit my mobility/energy levels.


You’ve got to admit it would be hard as hell to get around in a place like this with mobility problems!