From big city to small village in 3 weeks

I went from walking all over a beautiful and ancient city of Athens…View from northwest of the Acropolis cat in ruins near wall of kimon spider web wing near wall of kimon






















































And ended up in a small village of Narthaki:

2013-06-10 05.55.13














(Actually this is the house Cutie and I are staying at while in Narthaki).

I apologize for the short and rather dull update on my current trip. I have been washing pot shards all day. That was the main reason I went to Greece: to help Cutie with a dig he is participating for. Don’t get me wrong: I loved the opportunity to go to Greece (and experience Athens), but because of the following B.S., I wouldn’t stay there for the whole seven days as I did:

1-Pushy waiters who won’t leave you alone if you happen to walk past their restaurants

2-Lack of public places to sit while walking around Athens.

3-The exchange rate with the Euro.

4-Rude and impatient store owners (most of them. For the record I actually about 3 merchants who were actually polite).

5-Everything closing so early that it is a miracle the city hasn’t fallen apart.

Hence why, if you want to stay in Greece for a long time, your best bet would be a small village where people are nice to you. In Narthaki, the residents are so nice and do not display ANY anti-American B.S. to you. Not to mention it’s peaceful!

That’s my view.

What do you think: are you more of a city or village person?


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