The sun is trying to kill me. Or something else.

I am taking a break from hand washing clothes to blog. I HATE being tired because there is so much to do at the headquarters where I am volunteering at. I am baffled at why I get so exhausted from hand washing clothes here in Greece where in the US I don’t get exhausted.

It’s probably due to the heat or some mosquito that bit me and I am now getting sick from.

Today I had to skip work because I woke up with a monster sinus headache along with nausea. Since the small village of Narthaki does not have a pharmacy or an pharmakeo to walk to, I had to make due with benadryl and a pain killer and try to sleep it off.

Three hours later I show up, not as sick but willing to do some pottery washing. The director of the place flat out told me that I was no use to her while sick and that I should relax so that I don’t get sicker.

So I returned to the small house, dizzy and nauseated with hurt feelings (still trying to come to terms with my illness).  I rest some more and then try to eat something and figure out what I can do.

Since I am a workaholic, I couldn’t just lay around and do nothing. So I did some laundry:

And I am still not done :(

And I am still not done 😦

I feel ashamed because of my low energy levels. Yesterday I was fine. But the day before that I had to deal with heat exhaustion and skip the afternoon pot washing to try to cool off. That is another pet peeve of mine: no matter how many breaks I take (to the point of just dunking water over my head to cool off) I can’t seem to cool off long enough.

I WANT to work hard enough to justify the wonderful food we get at the end of the day. But since my scope of archeology is next to zero, the most I can do is wash pot sherds all day.

Maybe my conspiracy theory is not too far off.


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