Pass the rum!

After a lot of searching, I’ve decided to re-try something that I have wanted to do right after high school but for some reason could not succeed at the time. Maybe I couldn’t understand or have the focus at the time to learn what it takes to make it.

I couldn’t understand at the time why in God’s name I couldn’t learn how to program yet I managed to learn physics, calculus, and all of the pre-requisites before entering the Computer Science program several years ago. I had a love for video games and I wanted to become a game developer and make my own RPGS. I thought at the time that drive was enough to pull me through to survive it.

But that didn’t happen. I sucked hard at my basic programming classes and had to switch majors. So I chose something that didn’t require more Calculus courses and could get work in a high demand field (because I was super-broke). Like Accounting, for instance.


That was a big mistake. If my alma matter had the cojones to show their students the reality of working in finance,  a lot of people would not get stuck into soul-sucking careers for the sake of paying off student loans. And deal with this kind of bullshit every quarter. Or every fucking month like I did because companies prefer hiring hourly cheap noobs over experienced expensive salaried workers.

I am lucky I don’t owe student loans anymore (however, that deal with the devil himself is another story :P). 

So fed up and just irritated at the thought of returning to my previous field, I’ve decided to try again.

Try again at my dream before I started to grow old and real life bitch slapped me into submission.

I will start the Game Development Program as an undergrad.





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