Going out on the hunt

This week I went out into the huge jungle of a city named Edmonton for my first job interview since Cutie and I arrived.  Since I did not want to arrive at the interview building as a nervous, angry wreck (lack of parking downtown), I used public transportation. The ETS system is one of the few things I like about this city. At $3.20 per way it’s not that expensive and it’s worth paying for if you don’t feel like paying $9 per hour and a half for parking.

The trip downtown was stress-free, until I reached the building where the employment agency was.  I was flabbergasted at this city’s obsession with malls.  The office building was on top of a 3 story mall with road signs pointing to different wings of the mall areas. I have actually gotten lost trying to find the actual office.  A kind security guard informed me of the floor the employment agency is (a detail that was not included in the email from the recruiter).

After filling out the paperwork (even though I have updated my profile online), a brief interview with the recruiter took place. I stated how much I was able to accept per hour (as a US citizen I would have to pay both US and Canadian income taxes while working in Canada), my experience and my references.  Sadly, she explained that at the moment there weren’t any positions available in my field but the agency would call me should there be anything available.

I am not going to hope much for the Edmonton agency to call me back.  The US branch of that same agency called me a few days ago to ask if I was available for a job to start immediately. The irony is that they still thought I was in the US :(. I am starting to think that my accounting certifications and my skills that are desirable in the US are viewed as crap in Canada.

You may wonder why would I go through the trouble of looking for work. Well, as much as I don’t like working in my old field, I want  to earn money to save up for the move back to the US within 2 years or so. And I also owe Cutie a copy of Skyrim. :/


Anti-military hippies can go fuck themselves

I had the misfortune of reading a post from a pot-smoking trust fund hippy who boldly declared that the 13 people who were killed at a Naval base in Washington D.C. deserved to die because they worked for the civilian killing empire. That same hippy used to be my chess tutor.


For all of his liberal views I had to respect as his own, I had to put my foot down on this one.

NO ONE deserves to die, regardless of what job he or she has while serving the country.  A lot of people who join the military join because they had limited options as to find work with benefits for their loved ones. And these people KNOW the consequences of what would happen if they joined. Their only hope is that no one gets killed and that they can return back to their loved ones alive. It is the ineptitude of our current government to avoid war and conflict that has created these last resort jobs for those who have run out of options.  There are those who actually like their work in the military and choose to stay. But who the hell are we or even a liberal hippy to judge those who choose to enlist or stay?

He is a coward not only to those who serve, but to the families who are mourning for their loved ones deaths. The families don’t have to agree with their loved ones serving in the military. All they can do is hope for the safe return of their loved ones from a thankless and dangerous job their loved ones may not survive from. If he can’t understand that, then he doesn’t understand what it really means to sacrifice for the freedom to express his liberal views.

To all of the anti-military hippies, you are all fucking welcome.






Not emo. Only a realization.

It just occurred to me. Probably the reason why it has been hard for me to make friends in this country is because of my issues.  And the reason why I was able to make friends in the US is because the people I befriended were mentally unstable.

Unstable, as in each person has a mental illness that would help bankrupt Obamacare because it would take ten more years of treatment for a breakthrough.

I miss my friends a lot and accept them for their messed up selves.  The funny thing is that they are functional (they have jobs and families to take care of). So the stigma of mental illness that becomes a thorn on the approved health reform is bullshit.

I know that when I go out and run errands, that I am not normal. Actually I am quite disoriented because I still can’t find my way around this big city.

But I am trying to find my way, and slowly but surely I do get things done.  I try because I have to. Because no one else is going to work things for me.

It is at times when I have to go and drive somewhere that I wish I has infinite wealth so that I can afford a personal assistant to run errands for me. That and a therapist to help me conquer my fears.

But that is not going to happen.

So I suck it up and try to avoid getting help due to expense. Because of my health insurance, I have to pay everything upfront and file a claim so that hopefully I can get most of my money back. Money that I don’t have because I am unemployed.

So what is an unemployed woman to do but to try to help treat herself: yoga, tea and lavender sprays.

And continue searching for work that may make my condition worse because of my anxiety issues. So the cycle continues :/ .


Ramen noodles cooked with loneliness

You are probably thinking why would anyone eat such an unhealthy item as ramen noodles. Especially when a person is not in a situation of financial dire straits.


Financially, I am not in dire straits. Emotionally, however, is another story.

It is my ridiculously cheap comfort food that brings good memories of good company.

Like watching anime with your friends in your over-crowded dorm room, because you are too broke to order sushi or even Chinese food.  Or when you do get drunk at night with your friends and all there is to eat is ramen noodles to help sober up before the next morning class.

I wanted some comfort food without leaving the suite (the Canadian version of an apartment that has the square-footage of a house).  I felt like crap because a friend from the University Cutie is working at bailed out on us. Still can’t believe she bailed out on an opportunity to eat sushi and watch the second season of ROME. Especially when we are providing the damn sushi and ROME.

I guess I miss having female company around (the cat does not count).

God I don’t get it.






Would you hire an accountant to work at a store?

It’s a silly question. But worth asking because that is the kind of job I have been applying for.

Except I have no retail experience (other than working in finance in the retail industry).

But I do have a good work ethic. No reprimands and have held steady employment for nearly a decade.

Just trying to get part time work so that I can study.

So far, no calls yet.

I wonder if I am just shooing potential employers away.

What do you think?



Trying to find peace

After going to the Canadian DMV and just cursing on how US drivers have to wait 21 days for a provincial license, I had to find peace somewhere.

Alcohol won’t cut it (at a 200% tax,it would end up making a bitter drink). I took a walk down a lovely trail but only found a particular spot on that trail that felt magical:


Then I went home and saw my incomplete garden. Somehow, working on it brought some peace to me, in spite of spending a few minutes spraying the weeds with vinegar. image

Maybe my plants will die when winter comes. But at least they’re mine.