The gears turn in my head.


The past two weeks have been a series of ups and downs, mostly due to this period of adjustment to living in a large city in Canada. OK so I sound like a wuss. But keep these bumps I had to deal with:

-Cannot find work. As of July 31st, a new provincial law was passed for all employers to pay $275 as a “tax” for hiring temporary non-Canadian workers. So other words, it just makes it easier to higher a local than to go through extra paperwork and expense to higher someone who is on a temporary visa. So the chances of earning some cash and making friends just got reduced greatly.

-My godfather just passed away and I was super-depressed because I was not able to be there for the funeral. I found out about his death after the funeral arrangements were scheduled for the next day. In my dreams, he would speak to me, giving me advice. The most I could do was order a funeral wreath and speak to his widow, my godmother.  I cried the whole time.

On the plus side, I’ve started my game design class and I am exited about it. I wonder if I can really stick to it long enough to do well since I haven’t done any classwork in seven years. But I love video games and already I am coming up with ways on how to write my first term paper.






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