Ramen noodles cooked with loneliness

You are probably thinking why would anyone eat such an unhealthy item as ramen noodles. Especially when a person is not in a situation of financial dire straits.


Financially, I am not in dire straits. Emotionally, however, is another story.

It is my ridiculously cheap comfort food that brings good memories of good company.

Like watching anime with your friends in your over-crowded dorm room, because you are too broke to order sushi or even Chinese food.  Or when you do get drunk at night with your friends and all there is to eat is ramen noodles to help sober up before the next morning class.

I wanted some comfort food without leaving the suite (the Canadian version of an apartment that has the square-footage of a house).  I felt like crap because a friend from the University Cutie is working at bailed out on us. Still can’t believe she bailed out on an opportunity to eat sushi and watch the second season of ROME. Especially when we are providing the damn sushi and ROME.

I guess I miss having female company around (the cat does not count).

God I don’t get it.








  1. mochimac @ save. spend. splurge. · September 19, 2013

    Ramen is comfort food to me. Especially with a cracked egg over top…

    • arianaauburn12 · September 19, 2013

      Never had it with a cracked egg. I would have to try it!

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