Anti-military hippies can go fuck themselves

I had the misfortune of reading a post from a pot-smoking trust fund hippy who boldly declared that the 13 people who were killed at a Naval base in Washington D.C. deserved to die because they worked for the civilian killing empire. That same hippy used to be my chess tutor.

For all of his liberal views I had to respect as his own, I had to put my foot down on this one.

NO ONE deserves to die, regardless of what job he or she has while serving the country.  A lot of people who join the military join because they had limited options as to find work with benefits for their loved ones. And these people KNOW the consequences of what would happen if they joined. Their only hope is that no one gets killed and that they can return back to their loved ones alive. It is the ineptitude of our current government to avoid war and conflict that has created these last resort jobs for those who have run out of options.  There are those who actually like their work in the military and choose to stay. But who the hell are we or even a liberal hippy to judge those who choose to enlist or stay?

He is a coward not only to those who serve, but to the families who are mourning for their loved ones deaths. The families don’t have to agree with their loved ones serving in the military. All they can do is hope for the safe return of their loved ones from a thankless and dangerous job their loved ones may not survive from. If he can’t understand that, then he doesn’t understand what it really means to sacrifice for the freedom to express his liberal views.

To all of the anti-military hippies, you are all fucking welcome.








  1. mochimac @ save. spend. splurge. · September 18, 2013

    What an insensitive thing for him to say. It’s that kind of callousness that makes people start stereotyping. Honestly, even if you are anti-military, you have to have a minimum level of decorum and decency to hold yourself back from saying such horrible things.

    • arianaauburn12 · September 18, 2013

      It was insensitive. That guy knew my Cutie was in the military. We both have family who still serve and get re-assigned to different bases every few months. I was glad none of them were at the Naval Yard in DC at the time.

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