Going out on the hunt

This week I went out into the huge jungle of a city named Edmonton for my first job interview since Cutie and I arrived.  Since I did not want to arrive at the interview building as a nervous, angry wreck (lack of parking downtown), I used public transportation. The ETS system is one of the few things I like about this city. At $3.20 per way it’s not that expensive and it’s worth paying for if you don’t feel like paying $9 per hour and a half for parking.

The trip downtown was stress-free, until I reached the building where the employment agency was.  I was flabbergasted at this city’s obsession with malls.  The office building was on top of a 3 story mall with road signs pointing to different wings of the mall areas. I have actually gotten lost trying to find the actual office.  A kind security guard informed me of the floor the employment agency is (a detail that was not included in the email from the recruiter).

After filling out the paperwork (even though I have updated my profile online), a brief interview with the recruiter took place. I stated how much I was able to accept per hour (as a US citizen I would have to pay both US and Canadian income taxes while working in Canada), my experience and my references.  Sadly, she explained that at the moment there weren’t any positions available in my field but the agency would call me should there be anything available.

I am not going to hope much for the Edmonton agency to call me back.  The US branch of that same agency called me a few days ago to ask if I was available for a job to start immediately. The irony is that they still thought I was in the US :(. I am starting to think that my accounting certifications and my skills that are desirable in the US are viewed as crap in Canada.

You may wonder why would I go through the trouble of looking for work. Well, as much as I don’t like working in my old field, I want  to earn money to save up for the move back to the US within 2 years or so. And I also owe Cutie a copy of Skyrim. :/



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