DIY Alcohol…sure why not?

Before anyone starts to laugh and spit out “you will make yourself go blind or kill yourself”, DIY alcohol making has been a part of my culture since the Spanish-American War. Keep in mind that my male relatives (who served in WW2, Korean War, etc), practiced making puertorrican moonshine not for sale, but for personal consumption.  This moonshine, commonly known as pitorro, is usually made several months before the beginning of the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and is given sparingly to those brave enough to taste the exotic variations made with tropical fruits or my favorite, Nutella.

After getting fed up with spending +$50 for ONE bottle of vodka at the liquor store, I stumbled upon a recipe to make a very tame sugar wine.  Tame sugar wine would have between 8-12% alcohol.  At least with this recipe, it does not require distillation (unlike making rum or vodka). The procedure is labor intensive, since you HAVE to sterilize the jars and keep the water temperature between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, else the yeast would be killed.

Looking at this now, it reminds me of my 7th grade Chemistry experiments, hoping none of my jars would explode:


I hope maybe to someday make something stronger than this, just to mix with different juices.


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