The real reason I stopped going door-to-door to beg for candy

This was back in late 80’s early 90’s before social media really amplified horror stories of bad Halloween experiences.

Nope. It was because of me.

The only and last year when I Trick-or-Treated was of course, with the supervision of my parents.  My dad was in charge of helping my brother and I with our costumes (my brother was dressed as a vampire, I was dressed as a witch). As part of our costumes, we had our faces slathered with make up that turned our faces gray and green with a few effects. As an added bonus, we had props (my brother had fangs and a cape, and I had my witches hat and a mini-broom).

To be on the safe side, we joined a group of neighborhood kids who were also being escorted by their moms, visiting-door-to-door. Everything went great until a man dressed in a skeleton costume began to terrorize our group.


Some kids ran, some just froze and started to scream. My little brother began to cry.

The grown ups were too busy socializing among themselves and did not intervene.

From a kid’s point of view, I had to do something.

I stepped forward, insulted the man and began to attack him with my broom.

He backed off in jest, until he realized I meant business.

At his point I was busy aiming below the belt (at 4 feet 5, it was pretty easy) and kept shouting him to leave our group alone.

By this time my mom stepped in and stopped me. The man ran off, still in costume.

I got in trouble for embarrassing her in front of the neighbors.  We went straight home after the incident. At least my brother and I had a hefty stash of candy to consume. My dad was amused with the incident, and agreed not to allow any more Trick-or-Treating next year. And the year after that.  As a consolation prize, my parents would just buy us a bag of candy to consume, defeating the purpose of Trick-or-Treating.

Every year I buy a bag or more of candy, hoping for Trick-or-Treaters to come to our door, all dressed up and holding their bags and plastic pumpkins out for candy.  During the years I have lived in the states, only 3 children have stopped by our door. Cutie and I were so exited that he began asking them what were their costumes, why they chose them, etc. I guess I wasn’t the only one who missed participating in the tradition.

I hope there will be more kids this year, in this new land, who will stop by my door.




  1. save. spend. splurge. · November 1, 2013

    I think you had good reason to be mean to that guy.. I mean really, the fault should have been on your parents to not have seen what was going on or to have asked you what you were doing before judging and just laughing it off.

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