DIY Alcohol, part deux

In my previous post DIY Alcohol…sure why not? I made the bold attempt to make my own alcohol.

I made two batches: one plain, the other mixed with apples.

After filtering out the dead yeast, I tasted the plain batch. It didn’t taste so well.

The batch mixed with apples was kept in the fridge for an extra week, as the apples fermented in the sugar wine, giving it a few bubbles. Cutie and I took a few sips and loved the fact that it did not taste like apple cider, but actual apple wine.
I agreed that by putting non-citrus fruits in the sugar wine gave it a pleasant taste.  No yeast aftertaste whatsoever.
The alcohol taste was still there, although a little stronger (which is FINE by me! Hee Hee).

If you are considering making your own sugar wine, be wary that the final product will be cloudy, as I did not have a carbon filter to use.

Below is a picture of my glass that will be refilled pretty soon..:)



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