Frugality is working out!

Every weekend I call my family via Skype to keep myself-up-to-date with them (and to prevent them from calling me in an odd time).  The conversations always gear towards the topic of the cost of medicine because a) someone got a new condition that needs pills for and b) to see whether the cost of medication is cheaper in Canada or not.

The answer to b) is: it depends on whether you have a provincial health card or are self-insured.

It saddens me to hear when as family members get older, their health slowly deteriorate due to a combination of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.  Some illnesses are NOT preventable (cancer, genetic diseases, caused by viruses, etc). But conditions such as obesity (which a lot of members of my family are guilty of) are and should be prevented at all costs.

Maybe that is an understatement. A lot of the things my family suffers from can be prevented or kept under control if they get active and eat healthier.  From experience, this can be a challenge given that they still live in a tropical island where growing leafy greens is next to impossible. A lot of the vegetables I ate while growing up were from a can.

In financial terms, they could be saving money if they switched to a healthier lifestyle and got the weight under control, instead of spending $200-$300 in medicine per month.  And now that they are beneficiaries of Medicare, they should really make it a priority.

Hell the CDC even published it based on actual studies :   Annual Medical Cost of Obesity in the US- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Since I can’t brow beat them into taking better care of themselves, the best I can do is keep myself as healthy as possible.  I won’t kid when I say IT IS HARD AS HELL to stay fit. Injuries, illnesses and lack of energy always throw any progress you make. Especially during these cold months.

Before the frost, I used to go a small gym nearby, paying $42 a month. I have to admit, it felt good working out 2-3 times a week. Then I got injured (stupid plantar facilitis).

Did I gave up? Nope.

I added that injury to the list of old injuries (shin splints, bad knees, muscle sprains, etc) rested, then switched from going to the gym to working out at home.  How? By using YouTube (gratis!).

There are lots of videos to work out too, ranging from beginner’s levels to advanced.

If you are pressed for time, I recommend this video one from Fitness Blender. For 37 minutes, you will get your butt kicked:

Note: This is a high-intensity workout. Do not start with this one if you haven’t worked out in a long while. Cutie saw this and said this is similar to getting “smoked” during military physical training. If you feel daring, stretch out A LOT before starting the workout.

Besides of pocketing that $42, I managed to avoid the constant ear spam brought by too much Bryan Adams on the radio. And the constant sight of these:


What I hope to gain from all of the pain and hard work?

1-Hoping to live longer for Cutie

2-Hoping to need less medicine to stay alive. Hell, maybe not even needing it!

3-Hoping to work longer (that is, if someone wants to hire me 😦 )

4- Hoping to be healthy enough to take care of the ones I love

Those are my reasons to work out. What are your reasons?



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