This is a must-read because it hits the nail

After nearly a decade of being subjected to pointless career advice articles and books (don’t get me started on Steve Job’s biography), I found something that is not passed-down dribble. These articles and books may have good intentions but none of their advice applied to me (or for most people).

This book, written by Dilbert creator Scott Adams is a must read:


In the interview with US News, Scott nails it when he was explaining that passion is overrated:

Billionaires like to say passion is the secret of success. But what else could they say without sounding like total jerks? They can’t say they are smarter than poor people. They can’t say they work harder than poor people. They can’t say they simply got lucky because that would ruin their images. So they say passion is the key because it sounds like an appropriately modest answer.

In my many business ventures, I was always excited at the start, but when things turned bad, my enthusiasm ebbed. And when things went great, I got increasingly excited. So I think success causes passion more than passion causes success.”

I have seen a lot of speeches from CEOs at the corporate place I walked away from talk about the importance of passion. While the CEOs were spitting out the ingredients of the company’s kool-aid to us, I called bullshit on it. Yes, passion is important but it does come after you see the hard work paying off. The CEOs were making $7,000 per hour. Of course they are going to have passion! And trying to convince people that the only way to succeed is to learn to like working at something they hate is madness. Or a way for closeted S&M recipients to voice their way of thinking.  And there is a lot to hate about working in a repetitive job that praises ideas from employees yet shoots the ideas down once they leave their mouths:


Such. bad. memories!!

I am so getting this book!



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