Been busy doing volunteer work and going to job interviews. Should you ever decide to do volunteer work, here are a few great reasons why:

You will get treated better by your superiors at the non-profit place than at a regular job. This is because the non-profit place can’t afford to lose volunteers. Whereas in a regular job, a supervisor justifies giving poor treatment while dangling the paycheck carrot. Never mind that it takes more than that to get someone to stay.

Your work will be appreciated from day one. I got so many “thank yous” from volunteering at the homeless shelter than in the 6 years working at my old job. If you have the time and energy its worth donating a few hours at a charity you like.

The job hunt still sucks as usual. I went for a job interview for a cashier position at a store and caught the hiring manager misreading my cover letter and resume. I also saw the look on her face when she realized I was overqualified for the position. I also never got a call back from her for the second interview.

An administrative job I applied for the provincial government sent me an invite for a “networking event” before offering the chance to be interviewed by hiring managers. This event will be filled with other candidates while being forced to do team building exercises while being observed by managers and HR goons. Tell me this: what other reason would HR and managers organize this event only to play as amateur sociologists to try to see who is worthy of their  jobs? In the end it will be the extroverts on happy pills who would win instead of people with actual talent. So in a nutshell job hunting up in the far north is becoming more of an attack on the dignity of the job hunters as managers are forced to screen people through polls and trick questionnaires posted online by HR goons. Last time I had to participate in team building exercises, it lasted 4 hours and I got PAID to do them. A lot of spaghetti and marshmallow towers were built that day.

Keeping all of this in mind, maybe its time to leave the hunt and start planning my exit strategy. Fuck you Canadian employers with your worthless expensive work visa requirements and rampant discrimination against US citizens. It’s not like I broke any laws coming to your winter-beaten country. I entered with open eyes and mind and I will be leaving this place driving with one hand and flipping the bird with the other.


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