So it begins again…


First of all, I am going to put a disclosure to all or anyone who cares:

I tried my best to find employment and establish a good life here and it didn’t work out. In other words, this country is not for me.

It has been uphill since day one. Then again, with all of life’s adventures, that is exactly how all of them start. You dive in the cold waters, hoping your body will get used to the chill and come out swimming to the surface as normal. Except when you start to drown and need a lifesaver to help pull yourself out.

I have learned a lot of things while moving, living, job hunting and volunteering up here. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and helped me realize how much I miss my damn country:

Social progression is good for those who will stay in this country in the long run (permanent residents and Canadians).

– I hate long winters

The roads were designed by drunken lemurs. After driving on them for almost a year, I can name several places and intersections in the city of Edmonton that were designed for collisions.

-Anti-American and Anti-Immigrant attitudes exist even among the supposedly well-educated

-Canada Post sucks. The services provided by US companies disappoint to no end (, Netflix, UPS, etc).

-No one wants to get to know you, even if you try to be friendly with them.

I invited this nice lady for lunch last Friday and left me hanging. I thought she would have the decency to call or text me back saying she couldn’t make it. But she had a fucking iPhone so any chance of her being technologically challenged is bullshit. We met while playing board games at the university and I thought we hit it off well. I guess I was wrong.

-Cost of living here is so expensive and people are used to it. That last one made my head explode.

-The quality of health care is better up here.  And the costs of tests and medicine aren’t so bad either.

I am going to spend the next few months getting my affairs in order and move back to the US. It’s going to be a long ride but I will take my chances in the US.  Nothing up here is worth trying to smuggle back to the US (Canadian beer and maple syrup is sold at Sam’s Club for god’s sake!).