Ticks, Mosquitos and Poison Ivy: Country Living



Cutie and I have been staying with his parents for a few weeks. It has been so far an odd experience for the both of us. My in-laws needed help building another horse fence to expand another pasture. We would wake up in the morning and go to work out in the field, digging holes, placing posts, trying to avoid contact with hundreds of poison ivy bushes, etc while being eaten by ticks and mosquitoes. It does not matter that we take all of the precautions to try to prevent ticks and mosquitoes from eating us alive. I even wear OFF Deep Woods Bug repellant everyday as my new perfume, no thanks to those retched bugs. I have had sleepless nights because of those bugs and compounded to that are my allergies to god-knows-what at my in-laws’ place. Instead of complaining, I take a pill everyday and night and hope that I can sleep through the night, undisturbed.

When I am not working at the farm, I have been contacting a few of the leasing offices for a place to live. So far, I can’t do much as long as I am not even in the same state as those offices are located in order to speed things up. Even Cutie has been showing signs of wanting to move to another place since the farm work and the lack of interest from our hosts not wanting to partake in fun activities has us both drained. We are currently staying in a town that has more nursing homes than a decent restaurant. Or hosts activities that are either for children or the elderly.

Keeping in mind that these circumstances are only temporary, I have come to the conclusion that living on a farm is NOT for me. I have more respect to those men and women who do partake on working on a farm because it is super-hard work and every county needs farmers to help feed the populace. I am glad I live in a country where I can choose not to pursue that path instead of being forced into that path.  So glad.


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