On the road to normal

The Aftereffects:

    After living in Canada for a year, our bodies became maladjusted to the US made non-organic food ingredients: feeling sluggish, stomach cramping and feeling nearly brain-dead. So after we found a place to live in the South, we began shopping at the Co-op Organic Food Store. We are not 100% organic, but we are getting there. The side effect of this transformation is dealing a big hit on our food budget <SOB>. But at least we are not paying exorbitant amounts of money on rent.

Personal Update (For those who don’t care, skip this part):

  After several years, Cutie has finally convinced me to get a bike so that I can ride to campus three times a week.  Searching through several bike shops (even places like Target and Wal-Mart), I had to swallow my frugal pride and get an actual decent hybrid bike suited for my build. I never liked spending over $400+ on myself but whenever I rode 5+ miles on that thing, I felt like I was riding the wind. Another thing on my list: padded shorts to help my sore bottoms.

I have been practicing my math and modern Greek everyday (except during that week where my little niece stayed with us) and so far it has not eased my anxiety over not being well-prepared for either subject. The part that worries me the worst is not being able to test into Calculus I so that I can start my undergraduate program for computer science.  I am also still fighting with my alma mater to send my transcripts to the university.

Been reconnecting with a few friends: some are going back to school and some are starting families. Ever since I moved back to the South, my appetite has decreased, my depression has improved and I am more physically active.

The change after living abroad:

   I did not miss US politics. I know this country is going in the wrong direction, in spite of it being a more economically favorable place for us to live.  I got spoiled on the Asian food and being involved in a good board gaming community. I saw that it is possible to live in a country where its government actually care for its people and does not force/impose biblical gibberish on health care, employment or environmental issues. But as I said before, I am willing to move back to Canada ONLY if I could get a job there. Seriously, that place is for the rich/ well-to-do!