Taking healthy to the next level

None have ever turned around :/

None have ever turned around :/


Never knew cycling could be so exhausting. Or annoying.

I have accidentally ran over two squirrels on the 6 mile bike stretch from campus. These little critters dart across your path right as your are going 14-15 mph, not giving enough time to dodge them.  😦

Still, I prefer cycling over driving. Finding a parking spot on campus is a pain.

Alas, no weight loss yet! I hoped to loose weight during the first month of cycling, but so far, what I have gotten are sore, stronger legs and better stamina, so to speak.


I refuse to go vegan. But I don’t shun fruits and vegetables either.

What has helped keep my sanity and health is eating as much of a balanced diet as possible: vegetarian dishes 2-3 times a week and omnivore dishes made with organic bison or chicken.

Cutie and I are craving organic herbs, so we both started growing them in our own kitchen. The herb we hope to use the most out of is the oregano one, but has been super-slow to grow. The basil and the mustard are OK while the rosemary, dill and thyme are still in their early sprout stages.

Big surprise: After 15 years or so, I have finally quit craving/eating ramen. Once I read that consuming ramen (the supermarket kind) increased the risk of diabetes and hypertension, I quit cold turkey. I am already cursed on that end and I hope to delay/prevent those conditions as long as possible

Alas, no weight loss yet! I hoped to loose weight during the first month of cycling, but so far, what I have gotten are sore, stronger legs and better stamina, so to speak.

Mental Athletics:

The level of difficulty in my Modern Greek class has increased. I continue to work on my math for the up coming math placement test, but I feel like I am not retaining enough information. I am still going to keep trying because hell, why not? On the side note, I have reached out to the mental health center on campus to seek help concerning my anxiety issues. It turned out that I was referred to off-campus therapists because it turns out that the center wants to deal with people with first-world problems (sarcasm).

Rant: Can’t stand my classmates sometimes. One of them tried to convince the whole class to skip a day so that it would force the professor to not give a quiz or homework just because he wanted to go to a concert that day. The rest of the class agreed to it, but I didn’t. I honestly can’t understand how if you are paying over $1,000 for a class would you want to skip it for a concert. (Yes, I know I won’t make any friends that way and no I DON’T CARE).

Personal Finance:

Ever since we moved back, I haven’t been annoyed by the cost of living in the South. Just after I filled my gas tank, a smile broke as I looked at the receipt: $22!  I used to grunt at the cost of filling up my tank to the tune of $43 in Canada. Now I don’t grunt anymore. It actually feels good to be able to afford to buy necessities without pulling my hair out. That is pretty much the only big advantage of living in the South. Since we live in the most liberal part of the state (in a college town), its not too bad.

The future:

I hope to finish my degree in the distant future and find work up in the northern states (as much as I hate winter, at least they pay more) or to a state that doesn’t hate women <cough! Texas>. If I am lucky, I may find work in Canada provided I get an employer to sponsor me (a long shot, but anything is possible).


Summer Days Drifting Away

After a long hiatus, I have discovered a lot about myself and the plunge into new things:

Taking care of a sick cat.

sick kitty

In a matter of 24 hours, my cat went from energetic to a puking, anti-social mess. After several visits to the Animal ER and her regular veterinarian, I went from bawling/sleepless mess to telling my cat I loved her everyday.  None of us know what exactly caused her acute kidney failure but I blame myself for it.  It doesn’t make sense that I feel this way about an animal. But after 7 years of companionship,  I felt my world crumble as I was trying to come to terms with the shock of what happened to my cat.  Luckily, thanks to the doctors, my cat is back to her normal self (pending blood tests). The veterinarian prescribed some special food and will run another blood test to see if my cat’s kidneys are functioning normally.  Cutie and I are looking into getting a male kitten to give our mature female cat a play buddy.

Getting physical

Damn me

Damn me…

I began riding my bike to the university campus during that first week of classes.  What I did not realize how hard it is to ride 6 miles (in 90 degree Fahrenheit weather) uphill with a backpack filled with my books and essential cycling items (water, bike pump, patch repair kit, etc). By the time I reach the campus, I become a cranky, haggard, sweaty mess rushing to the nearest air-conditioned building. My energy plummets after the blood pumping into my head slows down. Before I can go to class, I have to drink my French thermos full of espresso and freshen up in the women’s bathroom. By the time I go into the classroom, I made sure to sit as far away from the other students as possible.   In the long run, cycling 36 miles per week should provide some long-term health benefits.

School Days


Since I haven’t set foot in a classroom for over a decade, that sense of dread of being too slow hasn’t completely left me yet. Every time I enter the classroom, I pray for not making a fool out of myself or for not missing a beat with the lecture. This feeling does not disappear even after I study before entering the classroom (once I am caffeinated!). I guess it’s because I feel so OLD among the freshmen :(. I hope to get over this after taking my first test on this Wednesday.

Still working on my math. It’s overwhelming and I hope to get into the Computer Science program for the Spring Semester.  The thought of failing the math placement tests make me more anxious than the fact that I would be in my late 30’s re-entering the work force after graduation.

I think I need more sleep….