Happiness from a cup of coffee

I woke up sad this morning. Then I got some coffee and it made me feel normal enough to not be so sad/worried.

The uphill battle of changing careers:

It is hard as hell to learn math on your own. I would study for hours working on math problems, then one thing would distract me (a phone call, the mailman, the cat doing something naughty, an errand that needs to be completed) and then my mind would turn into a Tabula Rasa. It’s like my mind is conspiring against me. It doesn’t help that I am scattered brained by nature. But after walking away from my miserable corporate job last year, my options are limited. It doesn’t also help that since that Civil Rights Ordinance got appealed, the odds for finding employment have increased slightly against me. So I have to retrain myself into a much-in-demand field and hope that I will find employment after the whole mess is done (in another state/country).

That is what I have been using my time on besides of learning Modern Greek. I am doing well on the class and hope to continue to do so the next semester.

And so the holidays begin

Will be traveling again to visit family in PR. If it weren’t for family and friends still living there, I wouldn’t return. There was recently a shoot out at a gas station close to my parents’ house and I cringe at driving through any city period.  Maybe out in the country it won’t be too bad (keeping my fingers crossed). I am hoping transportation will be less of a problem this year too.

Mental Muscle Building

Teaching yourself math is hard.

So is life. Been working hard teaching myself Algebra to test into the next phase of testing: Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. Why torture myself, you ask? Because getting into the STEM field is my last shot at getting a good-paying career before calling it quits. You can only do so much to try to be as marketable as possible. I can’t let hard things stop me from learning what I have to learn in order to get a shot at a better life.

Another good reason: maybe to curve my risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. My grandmother’s condition is getting worse, but at least she still remembers me. Whenever I can’t remember something, I just cringe with frustration. What if I am already showing symptoms? Exercise and learning a new language (Greek) are supposed to help prevent the disease, but to what extent?

Which also brings me to the constant struggle of getting in shape in spite of the cold weather. It has gotten too cold to bike to the university, so I opted to go to the gym instead. One thing I have learned about getting older (Happy Birthday Me!) is that it doesn’t take as much time to wear yourself out. I used to still have energy after working out for 2 hours while I was in my twenties. Now it takes me just one hour. 😦

This is why I love coffee!