Time, the Eternal Enemy

I don't want this to happen!

I don’t want this to happen!

Time is the worst enemy of man and women. Trying to use time to your advantage is the biggest challenge of every person’s life.

Especially when you are:

1) Not so young anymore

2)Trying to start a new career through getting new skills (Hello college!)

3) Visiting loved ones who have succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease

I stayed  about 3 weeks with my family. During that time, I tried to help my mom out as she took care of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease. It was at times frustrating and heartbreaking the transformation in my grandmother. Her memory has been reduced to fragments: she can recognize all of us but she can’t remember how to take care of herself in terms of hygiene, counting money or even driving. Her behavior can be as best described of that of a worn out 2-year-old’s: crying, barely eating and reteaching simple concepts over and over with a heavier dose of diaper duty.  Such observations sadden me because the possibilities of my mother succumbing to the disease herself are possible. Should such an event happen, I would prepare myself to become her caretaker.

Becoming her caretaker would not frighten me, although it would sadden me because I would be giving up a career and the ability to earn money again.  What frightens me is the possibility that I would get Alzheimer’s myself and become a burden to Cutie. It frightens me because I am already scattered-brained and slow to retain new concepts  (especially math!). I curse at myself whenever I study for hours at different math problems and how I am unable to remember everything I studied. I wonder if such work could delay or prevent the disease. I can only hope that should such a disease would happen it would happen in late adulthood for me.  That is why I try to learn new things, in spite of not having a talent for them but I still try. Because time is against me more than ever.


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