Middle Fingers and Hard Work

After returning from an unpleasant visit to my relatives, I vowed not to make another visit to them until further notice. The visit, back in December, was O.K. until the differences between Cutie and #dumbfuck (my brother’s boyfriend) clashed over Cutie’s idea of wanting to make a salad for my brother’s New Year Party.

(Sarcasm) A threat to tradition, according to #dumbfuck.

A threat to tradition, according to #dumbfuck.

Traditional Caribbean Christmas food is so greasy, fried and lack of veggies that it makes European/Western dishes look like NutriSystem Food items. Of course, such an innocent thing as a salad should not have forced Cutie and I to an unexpected exodus from my brother’s house. But it did and so we vowed that once we returned to the U.S. we would a) never visit them again and b) detox and exercise as much as possible. Enter the Fit Bit Zip (the Tamagouchi for Adults):

It's happy only when you are walking or exercising.

It’s happy only when you are walking or exercising.

It’s a digital pedometer that sticks its tongue at you if you are sitting at your desk for too long or not walking. If you sleep for ten hours, it shows the image of a dead spider. Or it occasionally shows an image of a heart. But it also records how many calories you burn (by syncing it to your laptop or mobile device), and allows you to keep track of what you eat based on ingredients or brand-name food items when eating out. This thing is a dietitian/nag that is discreet enough to be worn everywhere. Oh and it tells the time :P.

Cutie and I set individual goals on our little FitBits based on the post-holiday damage and became more picky eaters and more active. We measured everything we made/cooked and walked a lot. When I wasn’t biking to campus (a good 12-mile round-trip) I would go to the gym before my first class. Since Cutie and I were lucky to live close to the extensive walking/bike trail, it helped us go on long walks we needed for the day (10,000 step minimum). The purchase of a treadmill was halted due us unable to find an affordable one from a store that would deliver it to our place (yay for trails!).

Downside to a restricted diet/exercise program: you are hungry a lot. But unlike juicing, your muscles won’t hurt after exercising  from the lack of protein. I felt like I was in starvation mode more of the time, fighting my body’s urges to eat more. It was more like arguing with a child that keeps asking “why?” to every answer you give him/her. I found some relief in drinking a lot of tea (Organic Jasmine and Green Tea) while Cutie drank gallons of regular Organic Green Tea like a fish.  We hope that if our weight loss plans are successful, we can switch our FitBit Dashboard goals to “maintain the damn weight” mode.

Counteracting High Anxiety

I am enjoying my visits to campus every week: free math tutoring, clean bathrooms, clean water to drink, healthy food variety, nice professors (so far), career counseling, unrestricted access to gyms and computers. No wonder the university charges so damn much: if you stay on campus all day, even while working on your homework or studying, it is 10x less stressful than an 8 hour day at work. Those rumors about universities in the U.S. becoming adult day cares are becoming true. If anything, it motivates me more to work harder to get a good GPA in my classes and make the best out of all it has to offer as much as possible. Especially the career counseling. Before I graduated from my old alma mater, the career counseling center was a sad joke and job fairs were far few in between.  As an alumni, I am never sending money to that place or recommend anyone to go there.


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