A new level of gambling

I will state this now because I have seen too many idiots do this for fun: I do NOT gamble (cards, slot machines, casino games, etc).

Yet what I have been doing for the past year has been so far, a gamble.

Months of silence were caused by a long semester of intense studying in American Government, Modern Greek and Math. The most pain in the ass one was Math, trying to test into another Math class. I worked my butt off, but those online tests are just AWFUL. I managed to test out of one class, but could not test out of the other class. So I had to take summer school. Six months of Math into one month was brutal. My days consisted of 8 hours of studying, doing homework and testing.  The hard work paid off (for now).  I’d thought after all of that Math I should have come up with a formula (or two) on how to estimate whether this expensive gamble will pay off. (I haven’t 😦 )

I agree education is a good investment but frankly when you tally up the expenses (tuition, books, food, etc), you do get the feeling that the process itself is a gamble:

<Silent Sobbing>

A few caveats:

-I didn’t factor in a meal plan because I live off campus, until I had a good look at my schedule and realized that I wouldn’t leave campus until 8PM. And there are microwaves around campus but absolutely no refrigerators available for student use to store leftovers for lunch and dinner time. 😦

-I spend about $40 a month on gasoline, give or take depending on how much I have to drive to campus. If the weather is nice enough (no snow or rain) I would ride my bike on the 6 mile trek to campus to save some money. Another peeve: the $36.14 Transit Fee for a bus system that does not run pass 5PM and would add 2 hours to my campus commute because everyone who isn’t a student also gets to ride in it. And there are no stops within walking distance.

-I’ve managed to get two scholarships to cover tuition and fees (excluding parking permits) and the meal plan but did not qualify for the book scholarship, which means I have to pay for books and if I am lucky to get a good parking spot, I would have shell out another $624 for the student parking permit at the closest parking deck on campus. At least this permit will last for two semesters. The reason I am considering upgrading my student parking permit is because the regular low-cost lots need to be cleared out on Tuesdays because of basketball games. The parking Nazis have handed out parking fines like candy because sporting events are more important than academics.

-Did not include housing because I live off campus and since the rental company did not raise our rent, we just renewed our lease. I have considered moving closer to campus until I realized that a) the noise level would not let Cutie and I sleep and b) the rent spikes are increasing at an alarming rate in that area. I dodged a bullet by not being a first-year freshman under the age of 21, which would have forced me to shell out nearly $9,000 for a dorm room on campus per semester.

If I were still working it would have taken me 2 1/2 months to earn enough to cover the above expenses (excluding housing, groceries, utility bills, etc). By the time I have saved enough, the yearly events would have popped up (holidays and birthdays, anniversaries, etc) and would have been too dead broke to even afford car maintenance. Time wise, I would not have enough time to spend with Cutie, run errands or sleep if I were working full-time and studying full time. The only way I can manage to work and study is if I am lucky enough to land a part-time job on campus or near campus that would not conflict with my studying schedule. I am still waiting from a few places I applied to.

Yes this is a new level of gambling. Because I have NO CLUE on whether once I graduate I will land a full-time job before or after graduation. Or, if I do, I would be able to recoup most of the uncovered expenses for the education from the best university in the state (not a diploma mill!). Or not get a job because of other factors, such as a decrease in demand and age discrimination, among other things. If I am not able to find full-time work after this, I am just calling it quits. I understand that in order to compete in a demanding field, education is important but I cannot afford to do it continuously for the rest of my working years. I have considered opening a business or doing contract work, but I do not have the ideas to meet an unmet demand and I am not able to travel extensively because of my family life. It would take A LOT OF MONEY for me to work super-long hours because the time I loose with my family is time I won’t get back. I really hope, with time and hard work, that this will all pay off.



  1. That sounds smart to me. School and “investing in yourself” is not always the answer. I hope it turns out to be the right one for you, but sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses so to speak.

    • arianaauburn12 · July 7, 2015

      I was basically told at one of my job interviews that my education and skills weren’t enough for the job I applied and interviewed for (2 times!). I left my old field because the company was replacing anyone who wasn’t a manager with ERP systems. So I decided to try to learn how to control the machines instead of being replaced by them. I really, really hope the money and time spent will pay off.

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