You have to be good to yourself. Always!

You have to be good to yourself. Always.

After recovering from traveling for family events, I will keep this phrase in mind whenever I have to book another trip. This is something that rings true especially when you have to travel.
It’s hard to be good to yourself while traveling when you are on a budget. Or short on cash. But traveling is going to be expensive (money-wise or comfort-wise):
-Excessive cheapening out on lodging can increase your exposure to bed bugs, noise and unclean places. I have stayed in hostels, shacks, tents, etc during my travels and honestly I will always prefer to stay at a hotel with a good track record for a good night’s sleep. BTW I will never stay at an America’s Best Value Inn AGAIN. Especially in Kentucky.
The Flying -vs-Driving Debate: While flying has become obnoxious and irritating, driving through long distances (8 hours or more) can be just as draining. I’ve found that if the drive is more than 4 hours long, it merits some overnight stay either at the destination place or mid-way to the destination place. At least with flying you can opt out of driving far afterwards.
-Food: It’s hard to eat healthy while traveling. If you want to save money, invest in a plug-in cooler that will keep your food either hot or cold and prepare some simple meals like sandwiches and snacks. Traveling with a few homemade meals will not only save money, but help avoid the dreaded food-poisoning (and a ruined trip!). If you can’t prepare meals, scout out the nearby restaurants along the route or destination point for some healthy choices.
-ALWAYS BRING WET-WIPES/DISINFECTING WIPES! I can’t stress this enough. You will encounter enough contaminated surfaces to catch at least ONE COLD/FLU if not careful. Excessive hand washing is encouraged while traveling.
-BRING YOUR OWN LINENS AND TOWELS. Better safe than sorry. Check for the bed size of the place you are planning on staying in and either bring your own clean linens and towels. Seriously, don’t even bother using the provided comforters: most only get washed once a year. While on the subject…
Bring a flashlight and check the mattress for signs of bedbugs! If you find them, change rooms immediately! I don’t care how paranoid this may look but after roughing it throughout the years (worst was while staying in an old dorm for bible camp with roaches falling from the ceiling), I have become more careful on avoiding as many bug-infested places as possible.
If you can’t be good to yourself while traveling, then don’t travel at all. Unless you are traveling for an emergency, don’t expect to be 100% fully-rested/nourished after cutting one too many corners on lodging/food and transportation mode. I learned this the hard way and which was why I haven’t written in while (thanks food poisoning!)

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