Back to School Edition of a Mel Brooks Film

This month has been a bit nerve wrecking (so to speak). Apart from Cutie’s health scare, I have been super-nervous about the Fall Semester.  I am referring to the financial aspect of affording school without taking out loans.  Yes I did get a few scholarships but so far only a small amount of it has gone through, putting me in the whole for the rest of the $6,000 I owe for the semester. The anxious me becomes the pro-active me, and makes a lot of phone calls and sends emails to the university and the scholarship department. That is my current battle. My hope is to break even or not be in the hole too damn much. I already spent close to $300 in books (in spite of searching high and low for used copies and purchasing them during the sales-tax free weekend).

And then there is Plan B….

No, not the drug (although I used it once and I felt like a cow full of hormones 😦 ). It is the where I am going to go after I graduate from university (for the second time!). I worked on my degree plan and estimated that I would finish in 8 1/2 semesters or 2 1/2 years, give or take. Cutie is getting impatient about living in the South but I can’t rush this kind of thing.  The logical place would be anywhere where I can find work but it seems that pre requisite is not enough anymore.  I need to look towards a place where to “lay down roots” so to speak. A place where the weather isn’t too hot and does not hate women (cutting funding on Planned Parenthood is a big no-no on my book).  I have started doing research in several states using sites like, looking for reasonable cost of living, towns or cities where DINKS can live and enjoy a good gaming community, etc. I have narrowed it down to 3 states and I hope that the next time we move, it would be the last time.



  1. RyannTheRedhead · August 18, 2015

    1. Plan B is the devil. Okay, great devil when you’re having a scare, but devil to your body. I used it before and made a promise to myself to try to never have to again!
    2. Don’t choose Louisiana, though I’m sure you’ve already crossed it off your list. The governor nixed Planned Parenthood’s contract with Medicaid just a few weeks ago. I got my birth control, my IUD, a pap smear, a breast exam and an STD test (I didn’t even ask for it, they just offered it because I was in and they said they might as well) from PP. They told me about the women’s medicaid coverage (before it went bye bye) and were the greatest people I’ve ever met. I seriously love that office and I cried when the contract was ended by Jindal.
    3. I just had to say those things because I feel very strongly about them and I’m glad to see you do too 🙂
    4. I always bought my books on Amazon for cheap. I’ve also had some luck in emailing the professor and asking if they had a copy I could borrow for the semester because I couldn’t afford one. I studied theatre so circumstances were a little different but it might be worth a shot.

    • arianaauburn12 · August 20, 2015

      PP has provided me with great services. Even with private health insurance, I have gotten better care from PP with their doctors than the network doctors I have access to. While I lived in Canada, the great thing about provincial health care is that those services are provided to all residents because Canada recognizes those services as part of basic health care. Best part is that the out-of-pocket costs are low! I am renting 2 books so far from The rest I had to buy from the bookstore because those books have actual access codes that expire within a year.

      • RyannTheRedhead · August 21, 2015

        Ack, I hated when I needed an access code.

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