It’s hard to have travelled the world, then read books about it




I wish to stop the flow of emotions emanating from my Art History Class. Every time my art professor posts online lectures about Ancient Art, my heart sinks. The pictures about these places do not do justice.  I might was well have been revisiting these places, looking through the peep hole from my front door.

It is hard to read about places you have visited then be forced to read books about them.  When you have seen more than what a text book can provide, it feels pointless.


I now understand how Cutie felt whenever he saw pictures about the places he has visited.  The hint of sorrow behind his voice-sorrow is how I feel whenever I have to see pictures of these places again. The sorrow  hints that maybe I am mourning a time in my life were I lived and did not know about it.

I guess this means that the time to travel again is getting closer than I think.


Diffuse Mode

I took advantage of the winter break in order to diffuse mentally and emotionally from the Fall Semester. Reading the book “A Mind for Numbers” by Barbara Oarkley kept giving me hope that I will improve my math skills, as long as I did not gave up.

Drooling for Motivation

At one point, Cutie and I went window shopping at a posh housewares shop and gawked at flatware and dishes that looked like a million bucks. That, in a sense gave me more motivation to try my best to finish my degree, as hard as that is going to be for the following reason:

-Seeing Cutie’s eyes widen with awe at stuff is like seeing your significant other behave like a happy kid at Christmas.


Pictured above: Noritake Crestwood Platinum.


Pictured above: Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bellasera Set

Looking at my degree plan it would probably take me 2 years or so before I finish, find employment and earn enough money to afford these items. I am not going to hope for ridiculous events such as large windfalls (lottery winnings, tax refunds, etc). Those are pipe dreams, at best. It doesn’t cost anything to dream except when you have to spend money to make them come true.