Rocky Roads Ahead


Part of the process of changing careers when you are not an impressionable 18-year-old involves a lot of adjustments, especially:

-Steep learning curves

-Getting rejected by recruiters

-Going broke faster

-Less energy to study and learn.

The university I am currently attending has an office that tried to tend to the needs non-traditional students, but misses the mark. This is because the university was not designed for non-traditional students (that is what community college is for). If it weren’t for the fact that there would be a huge pay gap, I wouldn’t have chosen to go to a traditional university. I used Payscale to estimate my market worth between a 4 year degree versus a 2 year degree from a community college. The results were depressing.

All of this is part of the rocky road that lies ahead.

It doesn’t make sense to go through this whole process again unless you want to go back to work. Employers don’t want to spend a lot of money training new employees, so it is up to the potential candidate to train themselves. But it is a game of hit and run where you can guess the market’s needs versus what you can offer. No wonder so many people hate to job hunt ( I also hate the hunt). This is like dating, but you are risking your wallet instead of your heart.

I love computers more.

I work with them longer, trying to learn C++. It is like trying to write a book, but one error and the whole program goes to hell. Mind-bending linguistics that you cannot speak with, is what a programming language is.  The more I try to learn from my professors, the less I trust them. They really CAN’T TEACH ANYTHING and I question why the university should keep these professors. YouTube does a better job than these professors.

Everyone has lost their minds and I am waiting them out

I got invited to go protest the current elections but declined. I did my civic duty and that was the end of it. My priorities, on a-day-to-day basis consisted of survival and school work. I have been living like a student for so long that my views have changed. I am used to being the underdog, the unimportant and ignored that when a bad situation occurs, I have a backup plan in my head. My friends are shocked about this viewpoint, but they know little of how hard life used to be and how hard life is for those who don’t live in the U.S.  I am glad to be alive now than in anytime in history. And living here in the US.