Lifelines covered in Cheeto Dust..


I hate the health system in this country.

The current political atmosphere (and the Executive Orders signed by the Cheeto-In-Command), is already starting to hurt a lot of people who need affordable health care: the poor, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.

Bad Week

My friend, who needs her medications in order not to be a crying mess, is still fighting Medicaid for her refill. Those medications cost $38 A PILL. Her doctor does not have samples of this medication, so she is trying her best to fight withdrawal symptoms from her medication. I have been in the same situation as her and it is PHYSICALLY PAINFUL AND SCARY. All I can do is comfort her and encourage her to KEEP GOING because she is SO CLOSE TO GRADUATING! I just pray this horrible situation will not trigger a seizure for her.

I dodged a bullet..for now

I discovered I am low on my chill pills, so I checked the pharmacy online to see if I could order them. I was lucky I still have approved refills and that my health insurance has not been a dick to me in terms of pricing. My 30-day supply costs me $4 (for now). With this medication, I feel sadness but its not the same sadness as before: the closest description to this sadness looking at the rain and the sound is muted. Without this medication, the rain would become a mid-day storm, annoying the crap out of me (and everyone around me).  I will be gearing up and continue to keep tabs on my health insurance’s announcements to see the Cheeto-in-Command’s writing will affect our coverage.



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