About me

Me in Paint

(In no particular order. Because it would be a drag to read every single blog post I’ve made just to get the basics):

-100% all-natural-born female. Not a “formerly-male-now-female” or with surgically enhanced parts.

-I suck at playing Chess. So don’t waste your time sending me a challenge on chess.com.

-Anxious? Depressed? You betcha! I also have a dark sense of humor.

-I love video games. I don’t play with them as much since I am saving my limited space for the programs I am trying to write.

-I welcome all hateful, nice or just plain weird comments/feedback. Any type just means you actually took the time to type something based on what I wrote, whether it struck a cord (or awakened the desire to troll).

-Not old enough to retire, but young enough to kick anyone’s ass. So please don’t inquire about my age.

If for some insane or curious reason you want to contact me, you may. I will be as polite as possible (as a courtesy to the marvels of communication) I will not spam you or sell your information to anyone for the simple reason that I hate spam and that I hate selling anything.

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